IT Consulting

"Computers are good at following instructions, but not at reading your mind , we can do it efficiently "

IT Consulting

We strongly believe that our customer's success depends on the caliber of people they hire. We use a scientifically data driven approach for developing a customized solution for our customer's consulting needs. We stick to our consulting philosophy to give you our "The Best" find at a most affordable cost and delivering it on time.

Our services include Full Life-Cycle, On-Demand, Hybrid and Partial Cycle Recruitment Solutions. We take a strategic approach in meeting your corporate objectives with these goals in mind. We offer a customize recruitment models based on internal needs and deliver on-target with a rapid response and quick candidate turnaround.

Cygnus has the technical knowledge to find the right resource for any position, but we know that it takes much more than a skill set to get the job done. We work to understand our clients specific requirements, beyond just technical skills. Likewise, we maintain close relationships with our consultants, enabling us to find the right fit for both parties.

Cygnus Softwares, Inc. provides consulting services to design, implement and manage Business Intelligence software applications that provide insight into the performance of an Organization, that helps Organizations to make key decisions. The formula that makes Cygnus consulting services extremely attractive is the demonstrated expertise on cutting edge technology and the cost effectiveness of the Consulting staff. The founding vision of Cygnus is to provide cost effective solutions with a very high degree of commitment for quality and on time delivery with one hundred percent customer satisfaction and generate return on investment for employees, customers and investors. Information technology is now a key component of every firm's competitive posture. With effective information technology you can win. The transition to the "Information Age" is driven by exploiting the dynamic new capabilities of computer systems and enabling software technologies to provide more of what a business needs to stay ahead and generate profit. As the technology becomes more powerful and complex, the cost of implementation (Design, implement and maintain) is increasing. Getting the cost of expertise to decline like hardware is now the dominant issue in reducing the total cost of ownership. Cygnus ‘s Consulting Services practice is dedicated to provide high quality Services which reduces implementation cost.

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